About Us

About Us

   Sterile Services Singapore  was established in 2001as Joint Venture of CWT and Tomoe Shokai for the provision of  the synthetic services of Sterilization, Transportation and the  warehouse for the medical equipment to our customers. 

Tomoe Shokai Co., Ltd.

(Japanese Company)

Gas-offering promise for the future Tomoe Shokai has led the industry for fifty years as a specialized industrial gas trading house. In spite of many fluctuations in the economy, the company's history is one of steady development and unceasing evolution of advanced technologies, with each and every technological innovation adding a new and brilliant page.

Company History

1950  Tomoe Shokai Co., Ltd. is established in Japan. Begins sales of specialized gases. 

1973  Tomoe Shokai has started sterilization

 business at Omori plant in Japan.

1989  Japan Gas Co., Ltd. Haneda sterilizationplant started.

1990  Sterile Services Thailand Co., Ltd. is established.

2001  Sterile Services Singapore is established.

2005  Siam Steri Services Thailand is eastablished.

And now, Tomoe Shokai has four in Japan and four overseas sterilization plant.   



Japan Gas Co.,Ltd. 

 Haneda Plant

 Omori Plant

 Shizuoka Plant

 Takasaki Plant



 Steri Services T (Ayuttaya)

 Siam Steri Services T (Chonburi)


 Sterile Services Singapore

 Jalan Buroh Factory

 Marsiling Factory


Sterile Services Singapore Profile

SSS Establishment  November 2001

ISO Qualification To be an ISO 9001(2000) ISO 13488, EN 550, ISO 11135 by end of July 2003

Bank  Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank Singapore Branch

Head Office/Factory  No.47A Jalan Buroh Module 6 CWT Distripark

Masiling Factory BLK 11, Marsiling #01-39

Tomoe Shokai Subsidiary Company

   Japan Gas Co.,Ltd

   Sterile Services (Thailand) Co.,Ltd

   Siam Steri Services Thailand